Board Meeting Minutes - 26SEP2019

Meeting by phone 9PM Friday September 26.


All board members present: Pavan Vedere, Marc Tsukakoshi, Stan Bischof


  1. Election of officers.
  2. Bylaws/Constitution.
  3. Initial discussion of initiatives.


  1. Election of officers. This was formality mostly since just the three of us in this initial meeting. By unanimous consent Pavan is President, Marc is Vice President and Stan is Treasurer/Secretary.
  2. Bylaws/Constitution. Since we are derived from Region 5, it was decided that we would adopt the founding documents from Region 5 and modify them as needed for Region 6. No discussion here- unanimous consent.
  3. General discussion

Action Items

  1. Stan: establish our domain
  2. Stan: establish our charter documents based on Region 5's.
  3. Pavan: write up notes concerning actions on technical officials
  4. Pavan: check with USAB to see how we can communicate with Region 6 members and what demographics are..
  5. Marc: first pass at a list of groups within our region.

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